May, 8th: On a warm, sunny Thursday afternoon, a German couple was about to tie the knot… They were staying at the Banyan Tree Resort and they decided to have their wedding at the stunning Intendance. The wedding pavillon was dressed in purple, pink, red and white decors – according to the brides specific request. It was just picturesque… with impressive granite rocks in the background, the idyllic white sanded endless beach with translucent waves crashing soundly against the shores. This young couple had done everything right! It was an absolutely perfect choice for their wedding venue. Their dreams were about to come true… Finally it was that day they have both waiting for… to be called husband and wife.

While we were setting up the wedding and doing some final touch-ups, the bride to be was getting ready with our stylist in her hillside villa. The groom was sent to the lounge, as he was not supposed to his fiancee in her wedding gown yet. At around 11 am he made his way to the gazebo and we started to chat while waiting for the bride. I got the impression that he was quite excited about the forthcoming “actions” and he was really happy to have someone to talk to him. We talked about everything and the time passed by really quick… We almost missed the bride, hihi. When she finally paraded down the long shoreline of the Intendance beach, with her hair blowing in the warm breeze, her sandals leaving footprints in the fine sand, the groom was eagerly waiting for her at the gazebo, glowing with pride and satisfaction.

We welcomed the bride and put her at ease by introducing her to our cool musician, Mr. Esse Quatre, and the Registrar, Marie. They enjoyed their welcome drinks (fresh coconut water straight from the shell) and we could read their facial expressions, that this was super exciting for them. In the background the musician was softly playing some English and Creole wedding melodies… Looking in each others eyes, they made their lifetime promises and said “Yes, I do!”

After the formal part, which was held in English, the couple got to tell each other their own VOWs. And as I already mentioned earlier, the couple came from Germany so the exchanged their vows in their own language… And when the bride was pronouncing her VOW, she got very emotional and tears appeared on her eyes… She got even more touched as the groom put the ring on her finger… Finally we saw some tears running down her cheeks… But let me tell you one thing:  Being a wedding coordinator is great job: I see just positive emotions, happy people… And if I see tears, those are tears of joy! As the registrar continued with all the legal procedures, the champagne was kept chilled in our locally made bamboo wine cooler and the delicious two tier cake displayed nicely on the also locally hand crafted cake-stand ready for cutting. Throughout this exciting and heartfelt ceremony, the photographer was working non stop making sure to capture every step of this memorable event just as the couple had requested. The relatives and friends whom have not been able to attend will definitely get to drool over the lovely scenery. The newly-weds will get to cherish and reminisce of their day.

A little chit-chat here and there time was of the essence, the bride and groom had decided to have some exotic and memorable sunset photography sessions at their villa close by… Therefore it was time to say goodbye and the couple couldn’t stop continuously thanking my and my wedding team for making it a day to remember.